Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Recap

My goal this year is to update the blog at least once a month. 2014 was overall a great year, with the exception of work January-June.  Colin got a promotion at work, I got the opportunity to return back to my previous campus, Will turned two, I got to be a part of a dear friends wedding, I got a brand new car, Will got potty trained, Will started gymnastics, but the best part of the whole year was taking our first big vacation as a family of three. There was nothing better than seeing Will meeting Mou-Mou in person. 

Here are 12 pics from the past twelve months:


January was a low key month. We celebrated many birthdays of friends and family (Daddy's 30th being the most important.)


Another easy month at home, but continued challenges and stress at work. My class made for a really hard year and the awkwardness of people knowing you chose to leave your current campus to go back to your old one. 


March was fun!  I always love getting to spend extra time with my little man and enjoyed having a week off work!  My awesome husband also bought me a brand new car so that was an added bonus. 


April was busy with Easter, showers, beginning to pack my classroom, party planning and vacation planning. 


Little Man turned TWO!  We celebrated his 2nd birthday at Pump It Up with a Mou-Mou themed party. I wouldn't change a thing. His big gift this year was a trampoline and he got THREE cakes! 


I ended my 6th year of teaching and moved my entire classroom home for the summer. Will took his first plane ride to
California. We went to visit Uncle Chris, Aunt Grayson and Jake. We spent our time in Cali at their house, Disneyland, and a beach in Camp Pendleton. 


Will got potty trained and Colin and celebrated 7 years of marriage!


Will and I were busy getting my new classroom unpacked and set up for the new year and soaking up every last day of summer together. 


Will got his first pair of boots (only because he needed them for his Halloween costume). I turned 31. Boo. 


We visited a pumpkin patch, carved a pumpkin and went trick-or-treating with friends. Our garbage man was a huge hit and he did awesome trick-or-treating!


We decided to put Will in gymnastics to run off some energy one night a week. He loves it. We started Elf on the Shelf for a weekend and then quit because Will was not interested in it at all. 


Christmas is my most favorite holiday!  Love, love, love it!  Will had a blast opening presents this year. Totally different than last year!  He is starting to understand Santa and all he asked for this year was a garbage truck and a green ball. Santa delivered. We also booked our next family vacation to DISNEY WORLD!!!!  We're so excited. 

2014 was definitely a year I will always want to remember, but I'm looking forward to the big and little things we have planned for 2015. 

               Our 2014 family picture. 

             Our last picture of 2014!

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