Thursday, January 10, 2013

8 months!

William Aston,

Eight months old!  Are you kidding me!?  In just 4 months we'll be celebrating your 1st birthday!  Holy heck!  The birthday party planning has started full force now.  I have no time to waste with how indecisive I am and it has to be absolutely PERFECT, so I must begin NOW.  Luckily, I've had the theme picked out since the first month you were born and I already have the theme for birthday number 2.  =)

Anyways, moving on to stats.  On Monday, the 7th I took you to the doctor to make sure your ear infection that you got was gone.  At that appointment you weight 18.3 lbs.  On Sunday, we measured you and you were 26 inches long.  You are still wearing all the same sizes as you were at 7 months.  You're still getting 4oz of formula w/cereal every 2-3 hours and eating solids twice a day.  On December 21, we fed you puffs for the first time.   You've tried banana, sweet potato, apple cinnamon, and blueberry.  You HATE banana puffs.  You now have 5 teeth!!!  Two bottom and three top.  Your first top tooth busted through on December 17, followed by the second one on December 24th and the 3rd top one on January 3.

You got your first ear infection the week of Christmas.  We thought you were just teething, but luckily Mommy called the doctor and took you in to get rechecked.  I felt like the worst mother in the world that you suffered for a whole week.  Despite being cranky, from teething AND ear infection you had a wonderful first Christmas.  I can't believe your first Christmas has come and gone.  =(

Once again the past month has brought so many new things for you...
*You're now mobile!  You started dragging yourself around on December 13.  You drug yourself straight to the Christmas tree to one of your presents that Mommy hadn't wrapped yet.
*You ate puffs for the first time.
*You got three new teeth.
*You learned to sit yourself up when on your tummy or side on December 26th.
*You go after things that you want.
*Yesterday you got yourself to standing position by pulling up on Mommy's head.  However, haven't quite caught on to the fact that in order to remain must hold on.  =)
*You crawled for 30 minutes on January 4th.  You were wobbly, but crawling and haven't done it since until tonight as I'm typing this post.
*You got moved up to the 6-12 month class at school.  You hate it.  You cry when I drop you off.  You're crying when I pick you up. And they say you pretty much cry all day.  AWESOME.  Not.  =(
*You went to the park and swung in a swing for the 1st time on Christmas Eve.
*You started eating the baby foods with meat.
*You started going to church.  It took us this long due to your spitting up.  =/
*You sat in a high chair for the first time like a big boy at a restaurant (at Chuy's on Jan. 3 to be exact).
*You have started saying the sounds da-da-da-da and occasionally ma-ma-ma-ma, but have no clue as to what your saying.
*You've started to get angry if something you want gets taken away.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything, but I'm sure I have.  You've learned and changed so much.  Mommy insisted that over Christmas break we would do cry it out in order to get you sleeping independently and in your crib.  However, teething, an ear infection, and cold post-poned those plans and now Mommy and Daddy aren't sure we can do it.  When we lay you down in your crib, you instantly wake up, sit up, hold out your hands and cry.  So sad.  We tried to lay you back down and pat you to sleep, but you weren't having it.  So, I take you out and lay down in bed with you and instantly you're back to sleep.  On nights when you're cranky and fighting sleep, we play "Wild Things" by Flo Rida, the screaming stops, and you're sound asleep.  I still to this day have no clue why that song calms you.

Now for the photo dump.  =)

Trying to learn to crawl.  His faces are awesome.  HAHA.


1. Drug himself across the floor to his Christmas present.
2.  Now always goes for the stereo.
3. First kiss! 

1.  "I'm not napping in here Mommy...I will get my way."
2.  Already digging through Mommy's purse.
3.  Playing with puffs.

1. Test driving the new trike outside.
2.  Test driving the trike inside.

Sitting in a highchair at Chuy's and "people watching".

1.  Doing some New Year's Eve shopping at Target.

1.  SO CUTE!

A mix of dragging and crawling.

Mommy loves you so much Little Man!  You mean the world to me and Daddy.  Can't wait to see what the next month has in store for you!