Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Total Blog Fail...

I'm *maybe* back!  I totally failed at keeping up with the blog for a good year now and I really regret it.  However, being a full time working mom and having a very active 1 year old at the same time didn't leave a lot of free time for me to sit on the computer and post.  Will is now manage to entertain himself for short periods of time, so I'm hoping to pick back up.   First though is a blog post I started a year ago for a 15 month update on the little guy, but never got around to loading the pictures and therefore never got around to posting.  I don't want to delete it so I'll post it here, but no photos (except one).  =)  It's 11:00 p.m. and I have training in the morning to wake up for.... =( And I'm not proofreading...so don't judge any mistakes.  =)

I figured after a year monthly updates weren't needed, but now I regret not doing them.

You are now 15 months old and went for your well check on August 12th. You weighed 22 lbs and measured 31.5 inches in length. You have two new teeth. You got a bottom molar in mid-July and got another tooth this month. 

You took your first long road trip to Lubbock. this month to see Dada graduate with his MBA. You did really well with the car ride. We did split the trip there over two days, but drove the entire way back in one day. 

You still aren't saying many words. You say Dada and roar. You did attempt to say "the wheels on the bus" and you've tried saying "I love you". It sounds like "I da oooo".  You used to say "hi", but you stopped. 

You still sleep with Mama on a mattress on your bedroom floor. I don't see this changing until next summer. I'm looking forward to turning your crib into a full size bed and having a nightstand!

Other things about you...

Playing in the water
Being outside
Watching Yo Gaba Gaba
Dumping things out and putting them back in
The crinkly sound plastic bags make
Hitting your head on things (weirdo)
Your monkey
Bath time
Ice cream
Reading books 
Your cozy coupe
Wearing shoes. ESP your crocs

Not getting your way. Love the fits buddy. Real awesome. 
Having to come in from outside
Swallowing food apparently :/
Getting your nails clipped

Here's one photo from his time spent in Lubbock.