Sunday, June 23, 2013

12 months

William Aston,

I'm very late at getting this post done, but we have been super busy around here!  My little man isn't so little anymore.  You are turning into a big boy!  You are learning new things constantly and are SO full of energy!  People can't call you "Chill Will" anymore. 
Since turning 11 months and before turning a year old you...
*officially became a walker!  You took your first official steps in the very beginning of April right before you turned 11 months and were really walking just a few weeks later. 
*stood up without any assistance on April 17th for the first time.
*take my phone and hold it up to your ear and say "hi".
*still refuse to swallow most table food. 
*wave bye-bye when your ready to leave or ready for someone else to leave. 
*STILL sleep with Momma on a mattress on the floor in front of your crib. :/

At 12 months you were still wearing all the same sizes and eating just the same. For your one year well check you weighed 21 lbs 3.5 oz and your height was 29.25 in. 

We celebrated your first birthday with lots of family and friends. You had a Little Man Mustache Bash and it was perfect (except we totally could have used a bigger house).  

I can't believe I have a one year old!  Momma and Dada love you very much Little Man!  We're looking forward to year two!

And now for the photo dump of the last month before turning 1 and of your BIG DAY!

1. Trying on Momma's Sunglasses    2. Playing with Monkey    3. Shopping with Momma

1. Being Silly   2. Sidewalk Chalk!    3. Cute Mess

1.  Putting back in all the things Momma found in your dirty laundry.  
2. Ready for a Nap    3. Muno!

1.  Momma catching a cute fish!    2. Sick with Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease - NO FUN!

1.  Nap Time    2.  Poor Baby    3. Playing the Drum    

1. Smash Cake for Pictures    2. You need a Puppy.


1. Birthday Lunch with Dada at Mighty Fine Burgers    2. Hanging out a Daycare

Cutest 1 Year Old EVER!

Happy Birthday to You!

Sharing with Kitty and Dada

 Party Time!

You didn't take a single bite!

We love you Little Man!