Sunday, April 14, 2013

11 months

William Aston,

I can't believe that in just one month I'll be posting about your 1st birthday!!! I used to get sad seeing you turn a month older. I wanted to keep you my 6lb 13oz baby forever! But now I anxiously await to see you learn something new and change as you grow older.

You are currently wearing all the same sizes as last month. You haven't moved up in anything. You are eating more table foods now. Last month you would hardly touch them or if they went in the mouth you'd spit them right out. Normally you drink a 5 oz bottle or less about 5-6 times a day. You LOVE sweet potato apple pouches and yogurt.

This past month you:
*discovered toilet paper and how to unroll the entire thing.
*had ear tubes put in because your ear infection in your right ear (that you got in mid December) kept coming back each time we finished antibiotics.
*learned to stand without holding onto something.
*took your first real steps (April 7). You'll be walking shortly. Yay!
*celebrated your first Easter and met the Easter Bunny.
*graduated out of your infant carrier and into a big boy carseat. (momma might have gotten teary eyed about this)
*helped Momma and Dadda buy another car.
*became very fascinated with pulling things out of drawers and putting things into drawers, the trashcans, our laundry baskets and the diaper bag. (We now have to check laundry before dumping it in the washer and make sure things have not ended up in the trash that shouldn't of.)
*still sleep with momma.
*not only did you become fascinated with emptying drawers and shoving things in places they don't love to pull all the kleenex out of the box, shred it, and stuff it back in the box.  Yes, I could stop you, but you just have so much fun doing it.
*you've started playing independently for longer periods of time.
*have become much better at eating table food!
*learned to shake your head no when we say no.

I think that is all the big changes this past month.  I'm looking forward to what this month brings!

And now the photo dump...

Nap time.
Being a boy.

Busted with the kleenex.
Emptying the bibs from your drawer.

Car shopping.

Hanging out at Nonni's house.
Celebrating Laynie's 1st birthday.

At the hospital for ear weren't smiling after.

Picking out a new toy after ear tubes.

Enjoying a snack while shopping.
Trying to get Kitty.

Standing! and Happy St. Patty's Day!


Your new favorite toy.

Better luck next year.

Happy Easter!

Dada and I love you SOOOOOO much little man!  I can't believe the next post will be when you're ONE!!!