Saturday, December 29, 2012

Will's First Christmas

WARNING:  This is a long post with more pictures than necessary...but, when your child is this cute it's hard to choose which pictures to include and not to include when you have almost 300.  

Our first Christmas as a family of three was absolutely perfect despite the fact that our little man was a super fussy baby for his first Christmas.  We thought it was all do to teething, but come to find out not only was he teething and battling a cold...he had his very first ear infection in his right ear.  = (  Poor baby.  Despite all of the tears and pain, we did manage to get many photos of our little man enjoying his first Christmas and melting our hearts with his irresistible smile.  And to make everything PERFECT, Colin and I both had this week off to spend time together with our little man.

Our Christmas festivities started on Sunday at my mom's with my siblings and nieces.  Here are a few photos from the evening.

Our Christmas fun continued on Christmas Eve with the first stop being at Nonni & Poppa's house.  Colin had a Christmas tradition that every Christmas Eve, his Mimi would give him a new pair of jammies.  We're very excited to have this tradition being carried on by Nonni for Will.  The jammies were SO cute and I might just have to purchase another pair for Will to wear next Christmas season (of course they'll have to say something different).  How cute would he be walking around in them next year!?

After the boys modeled their new jammies, we headed off to church and then to my grandparent's for Christmas Eve with my dad and his side of the family.  Unless Will was playing with the tree, he was pretty much fussy the entire night and stayed up WAY past his bedtime.   

Finally...Christmas Day!  We spent Will's first Christmas between home and Colin's parent's house.  We woke up Christmas morning and did stockings at home as a family of three before heading over to Nonni and Poppa's to see what Santa brought Will.  We had a yummy breakfast before opening gifts.  It was another fussy day for Will, but we survived!  After gifts, we loaded up what we could and headed home for a nice 2 hour nap as a family before heading back to Nonni and Poppa's for Christmas dinner.  And now for one more photo dump.

I can't wait until Christmas next year!  We bought Will his own little tree for his bedroom, maybe one gift already, and have his big gift selected.  Now to figure out where to put all of his toys. =/