Tuesday, September 11, 2012

4 months

William Aston,

I can hardly believe that today you are 4 months old!  Time is going by so much faster now that Mommy has returned to work and doesn't get to spend every minute of every day with you.  You're changing so quickly!  This past month you've:

*Rolled from your tummy to your back (first time August 10th).

*Started daycare (August 20th).  =(

*Rolled from your back to your tummy (first time August 22nd).

*Started sleeping in your crib room (September 3rd).

*Got your first pair of tennis shoes...and second pair. =)

*Grabbed toys off the floor next to you to play with all by yourself.

*Got your first boo-boo (carpet burn from daycare).

*Really laughing and smiling at everything.

The biggest change for you this past month is your ability to roll.  You will roll on to your tummy and start scooting around.  Luckily you don't get too far.  You eventually get stuck because you shove your head into the floor and stick your booty in the air, all while attempting to shove your whole fist into your mouth.

Yesterday we went to the doctor for your 4 month check-up.  You weighed 14 lbs. - 12 oz. (almost 50th percentile) and they measured you to be 24 inches (25th percentile).  You also woke up in the middle of the night yesterday with all kinds of stuffiness and congestion.  You started running a fever last night and woke up with one still today.  The doctor says it is most likely just a cold.  You HATE getting your nose suctioned.  It's so sad.  You also have Ptosis in your left eye.  We can't fix it now because you are too young, but we will look into having it fixed when you're old enough.

You're wearing size 2 diapers.  You wear 0-3 months shorts and shirts, 3-6 month onesies and jammies.  We'll be trading out your jammies for the 6-9 months very soon though because yours are starting to get too short.  Sadly all of your cute clothes are covered up by bibs all day long.  You still spit up A LOT!  ALL. DAY. LONG.  In fact you just spit up as I typed that sentence...no joke.  The doctor has us starting you on solids and hopes to see improvement with your spitting up, but if not we'll be sent to see a specialist.

September 10, 2012

And now for a photo dump of randomness from the past month...

You LOVE to shove anything and everything you can into your mouth...except for a binky.
You start making gagging sounds if we try.  =)

(left to right-top to bottom)
1. You after you rolled from your tummy to your back for the first time.
2. Play date with your girlfriend.
3. Helping Mommy work in her classroom.  Best help ever!
4. Playing with Sophie.
(left to right-top to bottom)
1. Snuggling with Mommy after your first day at daycare.
2. Playing at daycare.
3. Pic that Mommy got in her email one day at work from you.
4. Your first boo-boo.
(left to right-top to bottom)
1. You and Daddy got matching shoes! =)
2.  So stinkin' cute.
3. You love being wrapped in your towel after bath time.
4.  Mommy was jealous of your's and Daddy's matching shoes so...
 you and I got some too, besides the color difference.
Our last day together before Mommy returned to work.
You were so cute in your little outfit.  Mommy can't wait to dress you in it again.

Here is you attempting sleeping in your crib for the first night...it lasted only 2 hours.  So you still sleep with Mommy most of the night (if not all), but in your room.  Yes, Mommy made Daddy move our mattress into your room for us to sleep while we transition you into your crib.  =)  Maybe we'll be back in our own room by May???