Thursday, February 14, 2013

Will's 1st Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Today I had to spend the day at work away from my handsome little Valentine (and big one), but it was still a wonderful first Valentine's Day for my little man.

Mommy's Valentine

All smiles at daycare (for a few minutes).

Playing with his friends.

Valentine goodies for the little ladies and his BFF.

Opening his V-day gift from Mommy & Daddy.

First night wearing his eye patch to help make his left eye stronger.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

9 months!

William Aston,

You've grown a month older and once again, the past month has brought with it all kinds of changes.  The biggest change being your mobility.  You started dragging yourself the previous month across the floor, but didn't get too far and weren't really that interested in getting around.  You crawled for about 30 minutes one day and then didn't do it again until the week after you turned 8 months old.  You are now everywhere!  We've even put up a baby gate.  I can't believe your first birthday is just three months away!

Your 9 month well check is in two days, but according to your doctor's appointment this past Wednesday, you weighed 18 lbs 14 oz.  You still wear all the same sizes.  This weekend I did start packing away some of your current clothes and brought out the 6-9 month and some 9-12 month clothes.   You're still eating the same as last month.  Your old daycare teacher has been trying to convince me to try other foods with you, but I'm not ready.

This month you:
*officially started crawling.
*got RSV thanks to daycare and your first breathing treatment.
*started pulling up on anything and everything.
*started walking short distance with your motorcycle walker.
*ate some of a real banana.
*got your first and second bump on your head from falling and hitting it.
*got baptized on January 20.
*went to Chuck E. Cheese's for the 2nd time and rode on a ride! So cute.
*think spitting out your water is funny.
*throw fits when we take something away.
*love to chew on your socks, blankets, and burp cloths.
*got your 6th tooth!
*got your first busted lip just yesterday and rebusted it again today.  =(
*still sleep in bed with Mommy and Daddy, but now we're back in Mommy and Daddy's room and have put bed rails on our mattress.  Mommy has yet to fall off the bed.  YAY!
*discovered you can stick out your tongue and therefore it is almost always out of your mouth now.
*began sitting in the shopping cart and your stroller when we go shopping.

Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything.  =/

And now for a BIG photo dump!  YAY!

Standing on your own for the first time at your activity table.  
Helping Mommy put together your new car.

Test driving your new car.

 Resting up for Daddy's birthday dinner.
Holding your own baba.

So cute.
You love your spoons.

Happy Baptism Day!

Your Godmothers...Aunt Kristen and Tracey.

January 20, 2013

You love your motorcycle.

Riding rides at Chuck E. Cheese.

Before breathing treatment.

9 month pics

It's crazy how much you can change in such a short amount of time.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much Little Man!  XOXO